Thailand Assist

Visa Support Enquiry [New Application]

This service is available for people who wish to come to Thailand. Our service is set up to assist Australians in their relocation to Jomtien Beach, Thailand. Our service includes:

Your new visa

You receive your retirement visa before you leave Australia.
(In some instances, we may ask you to come to Thailand to complete the process)

Your new Thai driver's license

Your documentation required to obtain a Thai driver’s license will be arranged, including medical certificate from a Thai hospital.

Bank Account

We shall assist you in obtaining a bank account in Thailand once you arrive.

Condominium Rental

A condominium will be organised for your stay in Jomtien. Your security deposit will be covered.
(If you are after a home or large (2BR+) apartment, there may be additional charges.

Telephone and Internet

We will assist you with obtaining a telephone number and wifi service in Jomtien.

Complete package AUD$4995

Payable in instalments.

    Our staff will contact you within 24 hours in order to confirm your request.